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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We are all English!

Teacher told Mom yesterday that Inez has a group of friends, including Zeti and they are mainly new students. That's good to know, I think. She also had an unknown eraser belonging to a certain Herr Rong, which was about1 inch wide and had a faded picture of Nemo on it. When I asked her why exactly is it she who is having the eraser, she answered that Herr Rong doesn't want it anymore and a girl gave it to her and she doesn't know why. Okay....

And Ja, I finally popped the question and as expected, Inez is English! Mika is English! Mimi is English! Zeti is English! Yay! We are all English! Of course I had to tell her the truth that she's quarter Malay, quarter Chinese, quarter Javanese and quarter Banjar. Mika too. Mimi would be quarter Malay, quarter Chinese, quarter Indian and quarter Bugis. Naqib too. Correct me if I'm wrong here, Ja! Anyway, no English! We are not English, we only speak English.

But this is normal. It happens to any child growing up speaking English. My mom tells me that I used to think that I was English too. Actually we speak sometimes Rojak English at home. So once at a restaurant, we couldn't finish the food, so we asked my brother to get the waiter to doggy bag the food. We waited and waited and waited. No waiter came to pack the food we wanted packed. So we confronted no.4 and asked him what exactly he told the waiter. No.4 said, "I said, 'nak ta -pau ah'."

A-hah no wonder no waiter came!

So no.4 kena bambu laa. "What language do you think you were using?"

I so cannot recall whether he thought it was Malay or English, but he certainly didn't think he was speaking Cantonese. Finally we got him to tell the waiter to 'bungkus' the food, baru laa dapat service bagus skit.


halwafy said...

Hmm..but I thought semua orang faham ta-pau??? I guess not...

jujuqtpie said...

Dunno, i thought everyone did too but apparently not. Then again also, that was like 13 years ago. Dunno la.