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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Raining Cats and Dogs

This morning was just awful. The moment I opened the gates to leave the house, it started drizzling. The winds were strong and it kept blowing the gates close but I managed to reverse my car out but dreaded the idea of locking up. The rain suddenly got heavier. Having left the umbrella at work, I made a run for it with my hubby's jacket over my head. Poor butt was right under the edge of the porch where the raindrops were larger and wetter. Got into the car, called my mom ahead to prepare her for my kids. Decided on the way there that I'd send Inez for her Fardhu Ain class so that my parents didn't have to send her in the rain. Called Mom again to prepare her F. Ain things and raincoat.

Just before we left my mom's. We discovered that Inez didn't pass her school bag to my dad when he collected Mika from the car and I was collecting her F.Ain stuff. My dad had already taken Mika and locked up. No dad to protect me from the rain with his huge golf umbrella. Made another mad dash in the rain. By the time I got into the car, I was more than 3/4 wet. The front of my skirt was wet, my butt was wet and you can imagine what else got wet as well. I had to turn the air-cond on, or the car would fog up. So the whole time driving, I was shivering and uncomfortable. I had a long way more to go. Huuuh, work was a 50 minute drive.

So after sending Mika, I sent Inez to her Fardhu Ain class. Girl wore a raincoat, so I figured that I didn't have to walk in the rain with her to send her to the door. There was a car parked to my right and the last I checked, nobody was in the car. So I told Inez to walk as quick as she could to her class which meant passing the back of that car. Inez, I hate to say it, is a bit obsessive compulsive (you know like that Jack Nicholson's character in the movie As Good As It Gets) and was walking so slowly because she didn't want to get her slippers wet. I opened my car door a little to tell her to run and to my horror, the car to my right started to reverse. My heart nearly stopped. "When did the driver get into the car? Couldn't she see a little girl in fire-engine red raincoat was behind her car?" I guess she did coz she stopped and luckily for us all, my silly daughter thought I was calling her and she walked back to me, Thank God! Not as fast as I wished though, she was still worried about her slippers and then only, the car proceeded to back out of the driveway. I dunno how loud I was but by that time, the teacher from school came out with an umbrella and took my Inez to the classroom. Omigod, I nearly lost her. Maybe I should've come out with her but at that time, it didn't seem like a good idea and there was nobody in the ca, and my daughter was wearing her raincoat. I guess my attention was so focused on Inez making her way on snail's pace to the across the driveway that I didn't realise the driver had gotten back into the car. If I'd foreseen the danger, I would've gone out but I didn't. Luckily, it was only a near death experience and not a fatal one. As Mika likes to say a lot these days, "Alhamdullillah". Thank God nothing happened.


halwafy said...

As my youngest would have put it, 'Fuuh..that was close!'

Nasib baik. Takut I dengar cerita ni. ..wana'uzubillah

jujuqtpie said...

Aptly said. It was really scary. Imagine if it really happened and seeing her get run down before my eyes and feeling guilty because I didn't want to get anymore wetter that I already was. Thank God nothing happened. I am still shaken by yesterday's episode and the best part of it is that Inez didn't realise realise the danger she was in yesterday.

FloweRinTheDesert said...

My goodness Ju, my heart nearly stopped halfway thru ur post! Horror nye. Thank God indeed nothing happened!