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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The School from Sesame Street vs. the School We Go To

The children were watching Playhouse Disney and Sesame Street was on, and it was about how much kids enjoyed going to school. So my mom figured that if she showed my kids how much these kids liked school, my kids would love school as much. Hahaha nyesal mak I! Why?
I don't remember the order, but they showed the kids playing at their school playground on very expensive and well maintained playground equipment (which my children's school don't have); then they showed the kids going into the classroom playing expensive looking toys (which I am not too certain if my kids' school has) and then the kids go to sleep and rest (which I don't think is allowed but they do make allowances for Mikael, who has slept in school 3 times and probably has some pillows named after him). Do you know what Inez said? I don't like school because there's so much homework!"


Working Mom said...

i think the schools like that in malaysia are those private international schools, which are way beyond our means!

jujuqtpie said...

Really? International schools are like that?

Working Mom said...

from what i heard, the teachers international will see what the kid likes or the kid is good at and then they will develop him/her accordingly.

and then once, i met this lady in an open house, this lady had problems getting pregnant during the first 10 years of marriage. Finally she got kids, she gave up her job, and she send all her kids to private school. one of them who is 9 year old just won 3rd prize from a singapore magazine for her short story. is it the school, the upbringing or the kid herself?