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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First day of school (Part 1)

It's the dreaded day for my Inez. Mika isn't too happy about it either. This morning, she was all geared up in her baju kurung and a kerchief on her head, all ready for Iqra' only to be told that classes commence next week. I can just imagine my girl heaving hugh sighs of relief.

Then, at 1 something, both she and her brother have to get ready for kindergarten. I received a call from my Mom at 2p.m. Apparently both my kids had clung on to her like their lives depended on it. Then she saw a table full of toys and directed Mika there and deposited him in an empty seat. Mika was distracted by the toys. Inez on the other hand had to be taken to her classroom upstairs by one of the teachers there.

A full report soon. To be continued....

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