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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mika's first homework

I know. I know. It's been days again since my last post. Lately I have been lazy actually. I know that Mumsgather sez that everything is bloggable but sometimes I don't know what to write or where to start. In the end, you only write what you can. So today, I have decided to write about Mika getting his first homework.

The background

Apparently, we've just found out that whilst others go for computer class, my son has been left to play with toys on his own. No wonder he doesn't want to go to school. He feels left out. So remiss of me. Since he played on the computer at home sometimes, when hubby allows it, we figured he didn't need classes. They are anti-social enuf as it is, why encourage them further by introducing them to the computer and all the doors the computer can open? I already see my children addicted to the computer 3 years from now. Who needs real flesh and blood friends? We've got our ol' faithful, the computer. We can play online computer games and kill, kill, kill! Get my drift, right? So we decided that it'd be better for us coz it's cheaper not to have our kids go for computer lessons.

One day, mom took kids to school. Mika looked sad. Teacher asked him in front of his nana if he had told her about wanting to join computer classes. Mika in effect atually did but somehow sort of botch up his request by stating rather than asking.

"Mika play computer," Mika announced one day - some days back.

In hindsight, that was actually Mika probably trying to say that he wants to play computer at school. There we were thinking, how nice of the teacher to include our darling boy coz we didn't enrol him for computer classes.

So we decided to ask Mikael some investigative questions. Is it true that he was really sad that he couldn't get into computer class or was it just a ploy by kindy teachers to get us parents to spend more than we can afford to?

Us (hubby and me): Do you want to go to computer class?
Mika: *nods* with sad face
Us: How many of you are there in your class?
Mika: Five! *shows one hand, all five fingers up*
Us: So when they go for computer class, how many of you don't go?
Mika: Two!
Us thinking: Hey, teacher sez he's the only one left out! maybe he doesn't understand the question.
Us: Mika, how many of you play with toys when others are learning computer?
Mika: *shows two fingers*
Us: Two? Who?
Mika: *points to himself*
Us: Does Jungle boy learn computer?
Mika: *nods*
Us: So who else doesn't learn computer?
Mika: *points away from him, to the back twds his room*
Us: Inez?!

Poor kids!

My God! How blurred we were. I didn't know that for computer classes, they combined the classes. Of course Inez and Mika would be the only two who didn't have to go for computer lessons, coz we didn't sign them up! i'm afraid my sense of humour got the better of me and I started laughing. Oh poor poor kids. My hubby also felt bad and guilty. Immediately, he turned to me to say, "sign them up, on me." (you see my hubby pays for all the other stuff, utilities, cars, groceries, house; and me, I pay also for some groceries, phone bills, the house, but mainly the children's education is on me.) We called Inez out for confirmation. Inez confirmed Mika's answers.

Us: Mika, do you want to learn computer?
Mika: Yes!
Us: Inez, do you also want to learn computer?
Inez: Yes.

So that settled it and yesterday, Mika officially was enrolled for computer lessons and brought back his first homework. It was yesterday I discovered the difference between Inez and Mikael.

Mika's first homework

When I got back from work, Inez showed me Mika's book and said that Mika had homework. Mika himself was nearby, overheard Inez and said, "Yay!" Homework was a picture of a computer and above it was written COMPUTER in dotted lines. Mika's task was to trace the dotted lines and colour the picture.

He came over, took the book from us and immediately started colouring. Mom came out with two bottles of milk, and expected the two kids to start drinking. Inez, being her usual obsessive compulsive self, went in search for some tissue paper to wipe the bottle dry and Mika continued to colour, said, "But Mika got to finish this."

After about a minute, thirst or hunger got the better of him , coz then he said, "Mika got to drink milk too," then proceeded to drink his milk. After which he continued his colouring, finished it and went on to play with his toys. No help from me except to sharpen his colour pencil. The boy has finished his homework! In about 5 to 10 minutes tops! I couldn't believe it! If only Inez was like that.


Inez on the other hand struggled to finish her homework last night and it turned out that she didn't feel well. She slept halfway through her work. When my hubby carried her, he said she was warm. I checked and yes, she was a little warm. By 3 a.m., she came whimpering to our room. Her body was burning hot. Gave her wet rubs and this went on until subuh. By 6 both kids were up and wanted milk. I thought of taking her to the clinic, but by the time I was ready and she was ready, her temperature went down. So in the end told her that she'd have to go for F.Ain and maybe to clinic later, if her temp went up again. Poor darling started crying because she didn't finish her homework. Inez, inez, can't blame her though coz she was under the weather.

But my Mom talked to her teacher yesterday and told the teacher about Inez's trauma with homework and explained that Inez also goes to a morning school. So the teacher said that it's okay if she didn't finish coz she could come in early and finish it in school. Mom says, how to, because she'd be chasing after Mika, and by the time, he's ready, it's lucky that they are even there on time. The teacher understands. Apparently, as reluctant as Mika is to go to school, he's also reluctant to leave, the teachers in fact have to chase him around school to catch him to get him into the car! Sigh! Poor Mom, got to deal with Mikael and Inez.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

haha kelakar Mika making the teachers chase after him like that! i can jus imagine. lol

Poor Inez, hope she gets well soon.

jujuqtpie said...

That's Mika. Inez's temperature seemed to have magically disappeared. Though I should be relieved, I keep wondering why she had fever in the first place. Is a sign of something bigger, a symptom that we ignored but shouldn't have?
Am I a worry wart?

halwafy said...

Ju, I wish you would take pics of the kids doing their homework or in their school uniform or the coloured computer pic by Mika coz you do write well and I do enjoy reading, it's just that I wish there were pics so that I can really imagine these kids' antics.....

FloweRinTheDesert said...

was her temp really high? kalau takat dedar je maybe takde apa kot. Probably got stressed out over the homework issue kot. But if I were u i'd still keep an eye on her, at least for the next few days or so.

btw i agree with halwafy. i think i've mentioned this to you before. it'd be great to see you 'kupas'ing the kuaci while inez does her homework. ;)

jujuqtpie said...

only have lousy digicam which has been misplaced, the pix that i have uploaded are from my mobile and they aren't very clear. hence my interest in the camera you use, rin. Actually halwafy's pix come out wonderfully too. I wish i could put in pictures too. :( will save up 4 good camera and then suddenly you'll see influx of pictures of my kids. LOL
But of me kupasing kuaci! :D oh no! What a scary sight it'd be! Could hardly keep up with Inez pun!

halwafy said...

Ju, I suggest you get the Canon ex housemate pakai and his pics are really nice...mine is konica minolta bought 2-3 years ago...ok la jugak..