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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It all happened the weekend my brother came down from KL with his wife and we visited his in-laws in Kemaman. Everybody met up at my brother's sister in law's home for tea before all of us went out for dinner together. My brother treated.

Mika and Inez played with Fahim, who brought out all his toys of cars, planes, trains, and dinosaurs and a pair of binoculars which didn't seem to interest Mika until we were about to leave. Mika wanted to bring it home with him and we explained to him in the car that he can't go round taking people's toys. Imagine if other kids did that to him and wanted to take away his toys?

Mika was silent for a while before he said, "Why don't Daddy buy one?"

After much explaining that his Daddy didn't have money to get him one, not even a cheap one, we thought the matter was closed. Over.

Last Saturday, when Inez was in Art Class, (I was at work), Mom took Mika to Megamall. Right between KFC and McD was a toy booth and Mika went up to the salesgirl and asked her, "Do you have binoculars?"

The girl looked blankly at him.

"A binoculars is something so you can see very far," he explained patiently to her.

The girl went to the boy at the counter and asked him about it, obviously, not understanding what Mika was saying. The boy said that they didn't sell binoculars.
"Oh," went Mika and then went the car area and sweet talked my mom into buying him a car.
"Can you buy me a car, Nana?"
"But Nana doesn't have $$$."
"But Atuk has."

I can't remember what else Mika said to my mom but whatever it was, it got him a yellow convertible that day.

Just now, Mom phoned to say that my son is now asking her to get him a remote control helicopter. Wahahahaha.

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FloweRinTheDesert said...

heh, this sounds like my eldest. When I tell her we don't have enough money to buy everything and anything her heart desires, she asked me to ask Tok Wan (my dad) cos Tok Wan has money. So i told her to go ask herself then. When she did, her Tok Wan said something along the same lines as I did, and Airis said, "Then why don't you go to office and work HARDER and get MORE money!!!" ;)