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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Homework! Homework! Homework!

I am amazed how much homework kindy goers have: Maths, Writing, Mandarin and so on.

The first homework Inez did was for her Fardhu Ain classes. She opened her book and announced that we must read the 'Before We Sleep Doa' before we go to bed, and then proceeded to colour some pictures applicable to that doa.

Then while I was cooking dinner, she brought in her writing book, did a few Os and announced that she was tired and that she didn't feel like doing it anymore. So I said, "Okay, why don't you rest first and then get back to your homework a little bit later?"

"Okay," came the prompt answer.

A little bit later, Inez said, "Inez is still tired, Mommy." So I let her rest some more. I said she should do her homework after dinner. She did her homework during dinner. How convenient. She didn't want to eat. I told her since she was so diligently doing her homework, I would feed her while she did her work. She opened her mouth reluctantly for the rice and omelette dinner I prepared. I sneaked in some chicken once in a while.

But Omigod! So slow! So, after dinner, I caught sight of some Kuaci or sunflower seeds and had a lightbulb moment. I told her that I'd give her a kuaci for every O she wrote. Little did I know then that it was going to be a decision I would regret almost instantly. She writes her Os so closely to each other. So I revised my decision and told her that I'd give her 3 kuaci for every line she completed. I had to keep up with her. Every 2 minutes, she'd shout, "Finish!" and I wasn't even done opening the seeds. To keep her going, I told her that for each line of the next page, she'd get 5 kuaci seeds. Imagine how many kuacis I had to open for FOUR pages of homework! But at least she finished her Writing homework. I am a happy mommy. Then, she took out her Maths homework. She had to colour the right number of items based on the number given. Thank God I didn't have to bribe her with kuaci seeds anymore! Thank God she loves to colour! By the time she finished it was about half past ten. Then we turned on the TV only to discover that it was broken! Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhh! How am I going to live without my TV?! My hubby was on the way to my mom's, so I got him to borrow a set from my folks. Problem solved for the time being.

This morning, I found out that she hasn't done her Mandarin writing homework. So I told her to do it after her F.Ain class.

In the meantime, Mika played with his wooden truck. When asked to tidy it up, he was more interested in playing Pinball on the computer. I warned him that if I cleaned up after him, he wouldn't see or play with his toy for a week. Do you what he said, "It's okay. Mika doesn't want to play with that toy anymore." Wah wah waaaaahh! So I went on to keep it on a very high up shelf which he wouldn't be able to reach.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

Wow bnyknye homework Inez. Thank God Airis nye school tak encourage bring school work home cept for times when she couldn't finish in class, or she was absent. Hopefully it's not an everyday routine for Inez. Kesian budak tu stress nanti. :)

But your kuaci tactic is brilliant! Altho i wouldnt use kuaci la next time I try that out with my girl. hehe

Ooo so now I know where that comment about broken TV came from. :) Poor you!

jujuqtpie said...

Oh, last night was another kuaci nite! Thank God she didn't have that many lines to write.

I think I like the sound of Airis's school. Too bad I'm staying so far away.

Hahaha, poor me indeed. Luckily, I suffered only a short while coz after that my hubby came home with a borrowed TV. Lovely. It's always nice to stay nearby your family.

Working Mom said...

yeah, mimi punya school sama cam airis. only once in while would she bring back homework.. hopefully this new smart reader branch is the same.

but ju, if she's to go to a chinese school ... then lots of homework is normal... be prepared.