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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Inez's new friend

I am happy to announce that Inez has a friend in school and her name is Zeti. Zeti apparently can speak English and therefore converse with Inez at school. I asked her about Yan Yan. She said that she didn't quite like Yan Yan. "Why?" I asked.
"Did Yan Yan like to borrow stuff without asking? Push Inez around? Rude? What?"
Inez said that she just didn't like talking to Yan Yan. What do kids talk about to each other?

Someone told me that somebody's son came home and asked his mother about 'sunat' or circumcision.
Son: Ma, sunat kan, potong ngan laser yer, ma? Laser macam Star Wars ke? Pas tu kan, kat kampung kan, potong ngan pisau potong ayam ke, ma?

Translated means Mom, you know circumcision, is it done with laser? Is it the same kind of lase like in Star Wars (u'know, from the sword). And then Ma, in the rural areas, do they circumsize with the knife that is used to cut chicken?

Mom asked son where he got such information from, to which he answered, from school. LOL

Interesting huh? Anyway, I asked Inez if she knew the girl's name in her F. Ain class. She said she didn't.
Me: Can she speak English?
Inez: No.
Me: So do you speak to her in Malay?
Inez: No.
Me: So how do you guys talk to each other?
Inez: She calls me in English.
Me: How?
Inez: she just says, "Inez! Inez!"

LOL. I tell her that her name is the same whatever the language. :)


halwafy said...

He he..I concur with Inez..her name doesn't sound Malay to my ears either..;)

By the way, how do you actually pronounce their names: Ainez or Eenez and is it Meeka or Maika?

I always read them as Ee-nez and Mee-ka but the other day I watched a program on TV and the man's name was Mika pronounced as Maika. Then again, there's a new singer here who's name (Mika) is pronounced as Meeka...(err..I think...not so sure..)

jujuqtpie said...

Yeah, I have heard it being pronounced as Ainez as well, but you read the names the way they are called at home. According to WM, Mika means 'happy' in Arabic.

We used to call Inez 'Aleeya' when she was born. By the time she was two,she decided she wanted to be called 'Inez', and refused to answer to Aleeya. Zul used to call her 'neenya' or 'neenyanee' and he now calls Mika 'Mooch' short for muchikakani. I also call mika mooch sometimes. :) That's the Daddy laa. Letak nama anak cantik2, and then pi kasi nickname ntah hapa2. Maybe that's why Inez wanted to be called Inez. So far Mika seems okay with being called Mooch.

FloweRinTheDesert said...

hahaha...cuba tanya inez what race she thinks she is. I bet she thinks she's ENGLISH! Both Airis and Adam (Nad's eldest) still think they are English, just becos they speak English!

Adam also started std 1 this yr, so haritu my other bro in law asked him dlm class dia mostly malay, indian or chinese. To which he answered, "Only Malay and English." And when asked, "And you are...?", he answered, "Tsk - English-laa". ;)

Working Mom said...

LOL, that is soo funny, Ju. Lawak la Inez :)

halwafy: betul, Inez's name doesn't sound malay :)

Rin: just popped THE question to Mimi, she does think she's english :D Ju should be the one telling this story. Her friend's son just started schooling and when he got home, the mom asked the same question your bro-in-law asked adam, but this boy answered, " no malays, no chinese and no indians ... just got kids like me .... " he he he ... the things kids say