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Thursday, January 04, 2007

First Day of School (Part 2)

When I came back from work all excited to find out how the first day of school went, I was surprised to come home to see both my kids were sleeping. Actually I shouldn't be surprised but amazingly, they slept throughout the evening until 6 a.m. the next morning. So no information except for what my mom got out of them before they kaput-ed. Apparently, Mika played toys for 5 minutes. Played at the slide for 5 minutes. I don't think he understands the concept of 5 minutes but if you ask him, everything is 5 minutes. Inez, according to my mom, did not talk to anyone. Not even Yan Yan, her only friend from last year.

I was afraid that they'd wake up after 3 hours of sleep and then stay up till 1 or something like that. Luckily, my worst fears did not materialise and they continued sleeping till morning. Around 6 a.m., Inez woke up all cheery faced and announced that she did colouring at school.

"What did you colour?" I asked.

"A dinosaur! With polka dots!" she replied.

"And Mika?"

"Mika played with toys," she answered, confirming what my mom had said.

Basically, the first day was uneventful. The next day was also more or less the same except that this time Mika did colouring and I have no idea what Inez did. She is more interested in talking about Mika than she is about herself. Apparently, Mika has got a new friend called Jungle Boy. "What do you call him?" I asked.
"Jungle Boy," said Mika.
"Does he live in the jungle?"
"No," Inez answered on Mika's behalf.
Puzzled, I asked, "Then why do you call him Jungle Boy?"
"Because...[something something]," I couldn't quite catch his answer.
"Is this a made-up friend like Cilia (i.e., Inez's made up friend from last year, who is supposedly from Mexico but speaks Chinese and likes Mexican buns. It turns out Inez was only tricking us.)?"
Mika said no. I will just wait and see if I can get more information from him today.

Inez on the other hand is still not talking to anyone in school and she finished a whole bottle of water, which would be a feat at home. My mom says she must be shy and so she covers that up by drinking.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

At least he didn't call everyone 'ganggang'! ;)

jujuqtpie said...

I dunno if he does. It's his favourite word. 8D