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Monday, December 29, 2008

Mika going Wild at the International X-treme Autoshow

It's been ages since we went on holiday with the kids. Inez went to my mom and said that her school holidays were nearly over and yet she hadn't even been anywhere with us. My fault, mostly - been so busy and hubby is also usually traveling - and weekends are supposed to be lazy.

Anyway, we had two wedding invites, both at the end of the spectrum: KB and KL. My hubby actually wanted to go to both; but since my Dad cancelled the plan of going to KB for my cousin's grandson's wedding, we decided to go to KL for Zul's niece's wedding. It's that time of the year when people take advantage of the long weekend hols to get married.

So we decided why not kill two birds with one stone and take our young ones for a holiday while we're at it. Melaka, here we come! But Melaka was fully booked. Never knew Melaka was such a hot holiday destination. It was crazy, every hotel we called up was fully booked. So, we went to our wedding, helped out with it, even Inez and Mika played a small but significant role in opening up the petals of the bunga telur. The solemnization of vows were to take place that night after the Isyak prayers, so we took time off from the wedding preparation to go to Bukit Jalil for the International X-treme Autoshow. Tickets were priced at RM28 for adults and RM8 for children, if I remember correctly. It was the first day. It was like seeing all the cars on MTV's Pimp My Ride in one place. Mika was just so excited and checked one one car after another and wanted to have his photos taken here and there at one car or another.

Unfortunately for him, his mommy had forgotten to charge her camera battery and the camera sort of died out on us during one of his poses. Poor boy!
Anyway here are some of the shots:
Really can't believe how boys just instinctively grow an attitude when they are snapping photos in front of cars. See Mika's cool poses. Normally, he'd just make a monkey face whenever the camera's on him.

Compare that face to Inez's face in the pix below.

Here's Inez in front of a car she can tolerate. Haha!
And here's Mika with all the cars in the background (well, most!)
Mika didn't want to leave but we did have a wedding to attend, so we left around 6:30. Inez said it just wasn't her day. :)