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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I have been trying to get Mika to go to the toilet. And there has been progress. However, progress is erratic as is my training. I only train him weekends at the moment and during this time, I take off his diaper completely and he wears underwear. There have been accidents of course but as these accidents happen in my house, it's okay. I'm on it.
During weekdays on the other hand, my Mom doesn't want to chance it so the diaper stays on. My dad is very particular about cleanliness and I don't think my Mom is up for cleaning up after Mika, anyway. However, we encourage him to tell us that he wants to use the toilet and we usually take him every hour, whether he does it or not. When it comes to peeing, Mika is okay. What he seems reluctant to do is to poop in the toiletbowl.
It was much easier to train Inez who by this age was going to the toilet already. I actually started her with doing the big business first. And the little business was a little harder to train. So, it's not a repeat success story in Mikael's case. He's very comfortable having poop in his diaper until it's all dried up and sticking to his butt. He doesn't inform anyone he has pooped. And if we take off his diaper for the day, he doesn't poop at all for that day. It's like he is scared to go it there or do it there, although to date, I think he has done it like 6 times and the toilet bowl! I promised him a big red fire truck if he uses the toilet for both businesses everyday. And that was ages ago!
I read with interest the ad in my sister's blog about Successful Potty Training in 3 days. I don't know if the testimonials are true and if it'll work as it costs a whopping RM65 to get the book and more if you order the potty training charts like USD49 inclusive of postage. I don't think it's international shipping though.
I don't know, I've tried everything I can think of including the treat chart and he's happy to get a sticker everytime he pees or poops but he doesn't seem too concerned if he loses one either when he doesn't.
Perhaps someone out there can share their tried and tested methods which hopefully gets Mika out of his diapers soon and share new ways to get Mika to overcome his fear of pooping in the toilet bowl.

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