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Monday, August 28, 2006

Aboard the MV DOULUS

Yesterday was the last day the MV Doulus would be docked at the Kuantan Port. So my husband and I thought, "Why not, it's not every day a ship two years younger than the Titanic docks in would be an experience for the kids."
Hahahahahaha my kids weren't even excited going up the ship until they saw all the books. So many books and most, mainly for kids and Christians. I spent nearly RM200 on books. Having committed myself to sending Inez to Mandarin school, I bought a Hanyu (?) Pinyin Puzzle, tiny Mandarin board books, and books of common Mandarin verbs as well as a Phonics poster (English), Multiplication Table and Telling the Time poster. If I had more money, I'd buy recipe books. I kept stealing glances at the yummylicious pictures of FOOD that graced the covers of the recipe books. I also bought some work related books...which I hope to read...soon, real sooooooon.
My hubby was like, "You know what Ju, this is like a huge bookstore minus the air-cond," and I gotta agree with him. If sweat was drinkable, collectively, we'd probably have two teacupsful.
So, my lesson learnt was, "What you think would be interesting for your kids, might actually be not...and you might end up spending money you didn't plan on spending." So there goes the big pot I wanted to buy for my garden, and my lunch money for the next ten days. :-)

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jujuqtpie said...

Hey if you'd like to see what it looks like inside the ship, you can check it out here:
No difference except for perhaps the people and the time. When we went there, it was around 2:30p.m.