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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is my Inez lacking?

I guess I am a laid back mom. Either that, I am clueless and oblivious to what's going on out there. FYI, we forgot to register Inez for school. It's more like we weren't aware we had to already. In our minds, Inez is still 4 going on 5 because she was born in December. Then, one day, we saw those registration banners hanging from a fence of one of the schools and it was then we realised we had to register our first-born.
Thankfully, the lady at the school was very understanding. It tuned out that she too had forgotten to register her child. So now, Inez is registered for school. Seriously, I don't know how she'll cope. I've been going into some parenting forums and from my reading, I've come to realise that Inez is seriously lacking academically. Apparently, some parents of 5 year olds and 6 year olds have kids that are so academically advanced that they are moving on to learning to write paragraphs and learning grammar! Should I be worried?
I am a little worried. At the moment my Inez is homeschooled (this means my mom, who takes care of her teaches her simple words like Mummy, Daddy, cat, dog, monkey, donkey, bear, and colours and some simple addition and subtraction. Her 'classes' are only on weekdays and is about 1 hour. :) Sometimes, she gives all sorts of excuses and falls asleep on the job.) Maybe in some parents' eyes, she's a failure at 5 coz she can't read independently yet and her writing isn't that nice BUT Inez can hulahoop (2 hoops at a time), she can do puzzles (over 100 pieces; 500 pieces is still too much for her) and she can draw and colour quite well.
I had thought of sending her to kindergarten earlier but after second thoughts, I sent her for Art classes instead because she loves to draw and colour. Then maybe later, I'll send her for drama lessons, and music lessons, depending on what she likes. I really don't want her to be bored at school later on. I dunno. Would she be bored at school if she already knows how to read and write and spell? I am really curious.
Anyway, since the school I registered her for is a Mandarin school, I will be sending her to a Chinese kindy next month or maybe next year. So, I am scouting for good kindies in Kuantan at the moment.


Working Mom said...

Hey Ju, if you are laid back or clueless, then I am worse , I guess. At least you have registered her. Mimi is yet to be registered to any school. Though, this morning, I enrolled her to an art class together with Aisya. The art class happens to be the same type of art class as the one in Kuantan ... so she can continue where she left off, which is good. Dun worry to much, just let them just be kids and have fun!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

I find the Peter and Jane Ladybird series very good. Why don't you try that at home with Inez?

If you're looking for kindies that let kids learn through play, go for Montessories...QDees and such are too focused on learning through loads of homework etc. I too believe kids should enjoy their childhood and not be bogged down with schoolwork. At the same time of course you don't want them to be left out and struggle in primary school, so the kindy exposure is quite important too.

It sounds like Inez is not lacking if she can do 100 puzzles and such...she probably just need more exposure. Nothing the kindy next year can't help, I would think. :)

Good to know you send her to Art classes. My 5yo loves art and craft too. :)

working mom: yes, now we have to register our kids for primary 1, two years before hand. I too only found out a few months back, through my SIL whose youngest is the same age as my eldest. Better to do it asap, especially if you want a place in a particular school of your choice. :)