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Monday, August 07, 2006


We've just discovered a new pizza place! Forget about Pizza Hut or Domino's or Shakey's. Eat Canadian Pizza! It's cheap too. It's buy one pizza and get the other free. You can find it at Bangsar, TTDI and Subang Jaya.My daughter Inez (she'll be 5 in December) is the skinniest little child you'll ever get the chance to meet and she's skinny by choice `coz she's soooooo fussy about eating. My mom calls her a 'robot' because she can go without eating and yet still be very active throughout the day.She looks at food as though it's poison and I have tried various methods to get her to eat: from coaxing to threatening and even bribing. There's a TREAT CHART on my wall now. Everytime she eats, she gets to put up a sticker which she herself drew or coloured. When the chart is full of stickers, she gets a treat (could be anything, even a day out watching the BIG TV [i.e. going for a movie if you want to translate that into adult language], or even a toothbrush!)Anyway, she's very into Canadian Pizza: the one with 3 different types of cheese as topping! She calls it the super duper delicious yummy pizza. "Mom can I have the super duper delicious yummy pizza? The one with the cheese on it?"Even for adults, the pizza is delicious. I haven't tried every topping yet. Just the cheese one and Greek Classic, which is my husband's favourite. It has minced meat and capsicum and whole lot of tomato sauce and cheese! And the crust isn't that thick. Mmmmmmm, my mouth is watering already. Alas! we can only get it when we are in KL. At least we know what we are getting when we are there.

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