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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Tale of the Two Bikes

Yesterday, Nana bought a new bike. Apparently, the kids have been fighting over the existing bike that they have. There are already two but one has been outgrown. So usually the lil' ones will take turns cycling the black bike which is much faster. But when it's Inez's turn, Mika will usually refuse to come off the bike
"Not chet, Inez, " he will say.
So my mom thought if she got another bike, they'll each have a bike and be happy. hahahaha....right!
Now nobody seems to want to ride the old bike, both preferring the new blue and red bike which has a bell and a basket. With Mika screaming and Inez whining, yesterday's outing ended with their father taking away both bikes. However, they soon forgot about the bikes coz they realised they were at the beach. Both came home wet and happy.

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