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Monday, August 07, 2006


When Inez turned 3, she asked for a doctor’s kit. She was adamant that she wanted nothing but to be a doctor. We went to a few places and finally settled on one from Toys‘R’Us. It is a red hard bag with a stethoscope, a syringe, two bottles of medication, a thermometer, torchlight, doctor’s glasses among other things, and that long-handled mirror thingy that a doctor would use to check your throat.
Now my son, Mikael is turning three. It’s like history repeating itself. He seems very keen on becoming a doctor too, although if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he‘d say a firefighter. My daughter would chirp in and say that her dream job is to be a gardener! Haha, whatever! I don’t really care what they be when they grow up as long as they contribute to society and they’re the best in their chosen field.
It’s been nearly two years and the doctor’s kit is still ‘all there’ including the broken syringe (Mika broke it); and it’s really fun to watch the children playing doctor.Last night, I was the ‘patient’ and Mika, in his oversized plastic blue doctor’s glasses, came to me with the torchlight and long handled coin sized mirror. He wanted to check me.
“Open your mouth, Mommy.”
“Say ‘Aaaah’”
Dr. Mika seemed happy and announced, “Yes, got teeth.” I couldn’t help but laugh. Silly doctor! And he proceeded to be funnier. He checked my right ear and told me that I had the hiccups!Apparently he seemed to be the teeth and hiccup expert `coz Inez came down with the same thing! We both had TEETH and HICCUPS!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

hi, jus dropping by to check out your blog when i saw your comment at workingmom's blog, 'Babies N Kids'. :)

my two girls went thru the doctor phase too, and we too have that red bag with all those medical gadgets, although they're all over the place by now. :)

My 2yo enjoys the ladybird 'Little Workmates' series, which include Dr Daisy and Nurse Nancy. She'll go "badoom badoom" when she checks my heart. ;)

jujuqtpie said...

Haha They're all over the place at my place too! But our help has juz left so I am trying to brainwash them into being Mommy's little helpers and when I sometimes sit down and watch Playhouse Disney Channel with them, I learn a thing or two from the characters they so love to watch like Pokoyo and friends, and in that segment, they had some contests and one of them was the TIDY UP contest. Pokoyo, Ellie and is it Patho the duck all had a different colour box and whoever cleaned up their pile of toys first wins the contest!
So i give them each a basket: one blue and the other red, and they keep their toys under my watchful eye. I have yet to succeed getting them to do it when I am not watching. We'll see, and then they'll get a sticker.
Hmmm, I have not come across the ladybird 'Little Workmates' series but will look into it. Maybe that will interest them to have higher ambitions! haha