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Monday, August 28, 2006


Guess what? I made Snow Skin Mooncake! (I wish I took some pix.) When I sent Inez for her last Art Class on Saturday the 26th, I went to Lee Bakers House at Bukit Sekilau to learn how to make the snow skin mooncake. I dragged my friend Mona along and we split the cost and the finished product. RM38 made about 12 - 13 mooncakes. If I'd known it was this easy to make, I wouldn't have spent a fortune every year for the past God knows how long buying these snow skin mooncakes. Of course this was cheating coz I didn't have to make my own filling. Imagine if I had to do that, then I'd still be spending a fortune on snow skin mooncakes. But still, it's just as good as the store bought ones! Oh yeah, you have to spend another RM10 for the mould. I bought the plastic one, which I think is more hygenic, compared to the traditional wooden kind, though I might be wrong.

Anyway, the flour for the skin is pre-packed (In the bakery, it's just labelled as bing pei flour which I think means snow skin flour, correct me if I am wrong) and prepared (because I think it's some flour and icing sugar all mixed already AND apparently the flour you use for rolling up the mooncake so that the mooncake doesn't stick to mould has been steamed first , and then left to dry for a day and then sieved).

All I had to do was mix it up with vegetable shortening that was already provided, use 150ml icy cold water with a teaspoonful of the pandan/ green tea essence (there are so many other funny flavours like banana, strawberry etc.) then knead and roll it. And it's ready to be weighed. For the big sized mooncakes, you need exactly 60 gms and the rest is all filling about 88 gms. To get the weight of the filling you need to roll some dough into a ball and put it in the mould and take it out and weigh it. In my case, the dough was 148gm. 148gm minus 60gm (skin) is the weight of the filling.

So once you get the weight, you divide the dough into 60gm balls and divide the filling and roll them into balls. If you use the store bought kind, roll until you get a shiny oily sheen. Then, flatten the skin in circular motion, either with your palm or a rolling pin between 2 plastic. Then take one ball of filling and cover it with the skin (NOT put the filling on the skin-you don't want air in your mooncake). Then, seal up dough to cover the filling completely. Next, pat on a little of the flour specially set aside for just before putting it into the mould, so that it doesn't stick in your mould.

Put it in the mould and make sure you knock the mould on every side so that the pattern comes out clearly on your mooncake. And your mooncake is ready to be eaten.

The first day you have to keep in refrigerated without covering it, but after that, you need to close the box or container so that your mooncakes lasts longer.

Even though I bought the lotus filling with less sugar, it was still quite sweet. I was told that if it was less sweet, the filling wouldn't last as long.

Here I have found some mooncake recipes for the baked variety and the snow skin variety, for
those who would like to try it without cheating like me. :)

Anyway, this 23rd, if I am not busy, I will go to the bakery again to learn the baked variety.


hazrina said...

hi, do u have the lee's bakery phone number?

jujuqtpie said...

hi sorry just found your comment. coz today i'm making mooncake again. two types today, both bought from Lee. One is the snow skin one and the other is the jelly mooncake.