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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Mika wanted to listen to the Arabic alphabet song. He also wanted to type his name on the computer. I had to explain to him a few times that my computer is out of order. It needs to be repaired and so far Zul hasn't got the time to send it to the service centre, which by the way is in KL. You know the IBM building in Taman Tun. So, duh... It'll be some time before my laptop gets fixed.
God forbid, sometimes I wonder whether it’s the solution provider that’s creating the problem so that we go get the solution the provider’s providing. Catch my drift? Haha now I feel like an amateur conspiracy theorist.
This must be the umpteenth time I’ve been struck by computer viruses and believe me, I am not a happy person.
The first time it struck, I was doing my Masters. I relied heavily on my computer and was in the midst of completing an assignment. I don’t even know how it happened and when it happened but my desktop hard drive was affected. For example, today I could open my word document but it takes very long before the words I type appear and then the next time I try to open Words, Words no longer exist! I’m like, “What’s going on here?” So I open Excel instead, and guess what, the next time I try to open Excel, it too has vanished into thin air. By the third day, when I turned on the PC, I faced a darkened screen, nothing appeared. I took it to a shop and thankfully I only had to fork out like RM250 if I’m not mistaken.
Then, the next time it happened was in February this year to my office desktop. I was preparing activities and notes on IELTS Academic Reading Module as we were having a class on Valentine’s Day (How romantic...reading texts on Valentine’s; I told the trainees it’s my Valentine’s gift to them, haha) and I was struck with the Brontok Virus. It’s so not funny despite its funny name. I had scanned some documents using a friend’s laptop and transferred the virus from her PC to mine. (In fact, much to my friend’s dismay, quite a number of people experienced virus problems because of her laptop.) It slowed down my application and my desktop just wouldn’t shut down. Every time I shut it down it automatically turned back on. Thankfully, it was a popular virus and the solution was found on where one could download AVG to combat the virus. It took me two days to get my PC back in working order and fortunately in time to print out my IELTS handouts for the class.
Now, I acn't use my laptop because of some Trojan virus and a pesky pop-up that keeps appearing even after I have cancelled it many times. (It’s something to do with getting connected to the internet.) I have since moved my files elsewhere but I cannot reformat my computer. Somehow the formatting part has been disabled or something. This time I also know where I got this virus, my mom became addicted to playing games online for a short period of time (just for one night), and after that night, my laptop was never the same again. Well, I’m not blaming my mom as the virus protection in my laptop was out of date and I have not installed AVG, had installed it only in my office desktop, which lately keeps getting 'hanged' by the way.
And lately, I also keep getting this worm virus in my pen-drive. I have reformatted my pen drive 3 times because even after the virus has been detected and ‘healed’, there’s always an error in reading my files or folders. I guess that’s the hazard of using common computers. It’s really tiresome.
So, Mika my dear, we'll wait till Daddy comes home and we use his computer, ok?

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