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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Do you know the name of your flowers?

This is embarrassing but it must be told. We are at the moment organising Language Fest and one of the activities is Explorace, which although includes physical activities, focuses mainly on language games. And one of the language games is called Guggenheim which is basically like the game called 'Nama Negeri' which we used to play when we were in school. We'd draw a frame and in the first column, we'd write NAMA (i.e., names), NEGERI (i.e., states), BINATANG (i.e.,animals), BUAH (i.e., fruits) and BENDA (i.e., things). Then, to play, you'd need a minimum of 2 players and the first player would call out a letter and we'd fill the columns with words that began with the letter called out, and so on.
But in this Guggenheim frame, in the first column, the letters are already given, and the categories are slightly different: ANIMAL, CITY, FLOWER and FOOD. So before we gave this out in the race, we thought it'd be better if we try it out first and guess what, we got stumped in the FLOWER category. It's not that easy when you don't know the names of your flowers? So, do YOU know the names of your flowers?
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