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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My garden (the smaller section) - still work in progress
As is my routine, when I get home and I water my plants. Yesterday was no different. But yesterday, a very horrible un-neighbourly feeling got into me. While watering my plants, I smelled some cat poop. In my head, I went, "Oh noooooooooooooooooo! Not again!!" followed by a lot of rude thoughts about the culprit and its owners. I beseech all cat owners, "If you're gonna keep a cat or cats plural, please keep the cat poop on your side of the fence. Get a kitty litter, for God's sake! `coz I swear I'm gonna dig that poop out and throw it back to where it came from! I mean, if it's that easy to keep a cat, then I too would like to keep a cat and train it to poop in MY neighbour's garden!" I know it seems like I'm ranting like a madwoman but it's just common courtesy plus I'm trying to grow a garden here! A cat's poop will just kill it. It's happened before.
One of my mostest favouritest flowers is the hydrangea (Hydrangeas are just so pretty!) and I have invested in a few plants, mainly because the ones I bought didn't flower and if you're also into gardening, you'll know that hydrangeas aren't cheap. Anyway, I had one when I was in Shah Alam and it was always flowering until one day a dratted stray cat decided that my plant was a good place to poop. I smelled the poop but didn't realise where the smell came from and by the time I discovered it, it was too late. Even though I dug my plant out, changed the soil, there was no saving it. And ever since then, all the other hydrangeas I've bought have not flowered, even though the plant came with a flower or two when I bought it. Someone advised me to not plant it in a pot but to dig a big hole, put some good earth in it and plant it in the ground. What good would that do if I've a got a daily visitor who does her business in my garden PLUS she's recently just given birth a litter of kittens...hmmm...more kitty litter in my garden?

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kristen john said...

plants to deter cats are very easy to grow