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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Psychological question for husbands...and children

My colleague came into the office the other day and made us answer some psychological questions. One of them was:
Okay, imagine yourself at home. Baby's crying, someone's at the door, telephone's ringing, it's about to rain and your clothes are still on the clothesline, and the water at the sink's running. All this is happening at the same time. Which would you attend to first?
Of course I had 101 questions to ask. How old is the baby? Where is the baby? Is it on the bed? On the floor? What kind of phone is it? Is it the housephone? Or handphone?
"Eh, just answer laa" was my friend's reply.
Hmm, I think I picked up the phone, picked up the baby, opened the door, took in the clothes and switched off the water.
Apparently, work came first, then family, then friend, eek don't remember what clothes represent now and next is money? My God! Where is my memory going?
Not really happy with the answer. I don't think that it's representative of me. This always happens to me. I really am not very good in this psychological stuff.
I remember back in uni, my lecturer, Mr Martin, also decided one day to give us psychological questions and we were asked to close our eyes and imagine a pathway (What did that pathway look like? Was it long? Straight? Narrow? Winding?) and then we came to a house (What did the house look like?) and what was in that house, et cetera. I remember answering that the house was old, dilapidated and falling apart. I remember that when I tried to open the door, the door came off in my hand. But inside, it was full of treasure, and a skeleton with a sword was lying next to the treasure. Mr Martin looked at me with interest and gently, he went, "Are you happy at home? How are you and your parents?"
"Whaaa!" I've never been closer to my parents at that time. It was so funny!
Anyway, as usual I digress. My friend was saying, here's a question you should ask your husband. Hubby, if I got into a fight with your mom, and I run off North and she runs off South, who would you go after? According to her, the answer should be, "run after the wife" because if you don't run after the wife, she might not come back; whereas if you don't run after your mother, she'll always be your mother.
Anyway, I tweaked it a little. So now it sounds like this: "Zul, if I quarrelled with your Mom and I run in one direction and she in another, who would you go after?"
"In the first place, why are you quarrelling with each other? I know you better than to do that. I'd be very disappointed in you if you did. And I'd be very disappointed in Mak if she did!"
As you can see, my husband totally side-stepped the question, and in a way, complimented me because he said he knew me better and I'm not that kind of person. And no matter how I tried to get him to answer, he managed to evade it.
Then the next day, I don't know over what, but my hubby and I had a small disagreement and I asked kids, "If Mommy and Daddy fought, and Mommy ran right and Daddy ran left, who would you chase?"
Without any hesitation, Mika's voice rang loud and clear, "I follow Daddy!", this was followed by a loud and smug snicker; and Inez hugged me and said "I follow Mommy." And I kissed my 'idiot' son and told him he's a good boy and kissed my Inez and told her she's a good girl. Well, that was to be expected. Inez has always been very attached to me, and Mika on the other hand, though, quite attached, always reasons that he should follow his daddy coz he's a boy and Daddy's a man. Inez's a girl and therefore should follow Mommy coz Mommy's a girl too.
Ah children...they can be so cute. Husbands too.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

jujuqtpie, i tried this question on my hubby and he went "of cos i'd go after my mom first, cos i know YOU'd never leave me"

bah! talk about self confidence! LOL

jujuqtpie said...

Amboi amboi! Memang confident giler! It's just like me telling my hubby (when I was carrying Inez)that he's so lucky that even though I'm pregnant, I can tolerate him being around because some pregnant women couldn't even stand the smell of their hubby, tak kira laa, aftershave ke, bau badan ke. And you know what he said, "What can I say? I'm irresistable."
Whatever! Perasan giler!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

hahaha and they say those things with a cheeky grin that we dont even have the heart to get upset kan? hehe Here we are trying to prove a point. All to no avail. haha Men! ;)

Nashé Abdillah said...


Selamat Hari Raya untuk u sekeluarga. Semoga gembira selalu :)