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Monday, October 30, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Deepavali

First of all, it's been ages, I do mean ages since my last post. Life has been exceptionally busy and I finally finished 70% of my marking and keyed in that lot into the system. Another 30% is still waiting for me but after non stop marking for 3 days and nights, I think I deserve a break.
I need to design a short quiz for the last class of the semester and I am done with classes this semester. I need a vacation! Hey! I need a sponsor!
Anyway, to all my fellow Muslims, "Selamat Hari Raya!" and hope that Raya has been an enjoyable and uneventful one. And to those celebrating Deepavali, "Happy Deepavali!" to you. I remember back in college, one morning I woke up, I was serenaded a Happy Deepavali song. I don't know how long my crazy friend Hafiz was waiting for me to get up, and the moment my eyes opened, she sang:
HAAAAAAPpy deepavali
hapPEEEEEEE deepavali
happy DEEEEEEEEpavali
happy deePAAAAAAAvali
happy deepaVAAAAAAAli
happy deepavaLIIIIIIIIII
The song was contagious, and soon we were singing that song to everyone we knew. Gosh, those were the days! Bulan Ramadhan was bulan makan. Of course we did our tarawikh and stuff but that was after berbuka. The berbuka itself was sooo festive. Orang sepatutnye lose weight during Ramadhan, but we gained. Sorang2 debab2 that Ramadhan. It was our final year and final semester. When it was time for berbuka, friends from different blocks and rooms got together to buka puasa and though we were allowed to bring only a rice cooker, we did so much with that rice cooker, bubur jagung, cucur kentang and bilis, chicken rice, omelette, we even made chicken and fish porridge to sell for RM1.20 or was it RM1.50. Sometimes we had to use the pantry because there was like 20 of us! Every day was a feast. When we didn't buy, we cooked. Friends with cars would drive to the bazaar Ramadhan to buy ikan bakar, tepung pelita and tako. One night, we prepared so much food for Sahur and nobody woke up. Yg untung yang tak dapat puasa. It was the best Ramadhan we ever had.

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