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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Hunt for the HSBC Amanah Team Member: Responsibility

It just so happens that the HSBC Amanah Team Member is in Kuantan.( S)he has been here since yesterday and we missed the first bounty period. The clue was green. Immediately Megamall came to mind but at 5:30 p.m., the clue was 'town' and at 6:30 p.m., the clue was 'sick'. At first we went to Kemaman Kopitiam because it had the name of a town in it, and then when we heard the clue was 'sick', we went to KMC and HTAA but...nothing! Someone called up to say that REsponsibility was in Pekan, but we couldn't believe (s)he would go so far from Kuantan; and so we linked the clues together, and came up with Old Town Kopitiam, and guess what? Right next to it was Klinik Pekan, we thought we had it for sure and asked everyone in sight. At 7:30, it was revealed that (s)he was really in Pekan! What a bummer!
The next bounty period was from 8:30 p.m to 10:30. I told my husband, that it would definitely be the beach but my husband said it's impossible to get to the beach from Pekan in one hour; plus he was tired. And I was okay with that coz I really didn't want to miss Grey's Anatomy on NTV7. This was the second episode of Season 2; and somewhere in the U.S., people are laready watching Season 3. I really love the chemistry between Meredith and McDreamy, and I really do believe that only Sandra Oh's character can handle Burke. She lost her baby and her fallopian tube by the way...and the cat is out of the bag, everyone now knows that Meredith's mom has Alzheimer's. But I digress...
Though we didn't go a-hunting, we pondered over the clues. First clue was 'fast' and second was 'five' and the online clue was 'end', and though I guessed it must be fast food, we couldn't think of a 'where' because we didn't think Responsibility would be able to get to Teluk Chempedak in time but apparently (s)he did coz that was where (s)he was!
Today, the clue is 'Plaza', 'Peace' and 'Hotel'. We're hoping that (s)he's still not found so that we can go try our luck this evening. Oops, maybe only my husband will do it coz I'm judging a drama competition tonight. Can't wait to see the performances.

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