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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Inez's School Updates

So far, Inez has gone to school for 4 days. Every day after school, I'll ask her what she has learnt, and to date, her answer has always been 'Nothing'.
"Inez, are you saying I'm wasting my money sending you to school?"
"So it's okay if you don't go to school?"
She nods her head.
Oh dear, should I consider homeschooling for her? I wonder. Anyway, I think she's just trying to dissuade me from sending her to school coz she wants to stay home and watch Playhouse Disney.
However, on a heavier note, she is very shy. Apparently she has not really interacted with the other kids. She speaks only to her teachers. I guess that's why school doesn't appeal to her. I observed her the other day when I picked her up from school, she was playing by herself and although another girl tried to get close to her, Inez just moved away from her.
Mimi attended school a day after Inez but in Kajang. It's also Montessori but unlike Inez, Mimi has so many things to say about school: e.g. she pretended to be a chicken laying egg, and when she left school, she said,"Bye bye friends!"
Again, we'll just have to give Inez more time to learn to socialize. I told her that it's important to go to school.
"Because we don't know everything."
"But you know everything"
"No, I don't."
"Yes, you know everything."
"Mommy don't know everything."
"Yes, you know everything."
I gave up. "That's because Mommy went to school. Inez, everybody knows something but not everybody knows everything. That is why when you talk with other people, you'll learn something from them."
Inez looked disbelieving.
"For example, Inez knows how to draw flowers. Maybe Jonathan (one of the boys in school) knows how to draw a kangaroo."
"But Jonathan doesn't know how to draw a kangaroo."
"So how would you know that unless you find out?"
She shrugged.
"You have to ask questions, Inez." (Believe me, she is very good at asking questions)
She shrugged again.
I gave her some examples, and I don't know if she'll use them but I guess she needs the time and space to get used to having a lot of children around her.

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