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Monday, September 18, 2006

Adapting to School: To change or not to change?

It's been some time since my last blog and I'm surprised that I miss blogging considering that I am a reluctant blogger. My sis got me into this and I have to say thank you to her as this is like an outlet of venting and sharing.
I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me that her son, too, had problem adapting to school. Like Inez, he didn't know how to interact with the other kids and preferred adults. According to my friend, it took her son 6 months before he finally liked school.
After that talk, I was very relieved. So, it's quite normal for a child to take ages to adapt to school but thankfully also, a week ago, Inez came back all smiling and school had suddenly become "Great!"
" you have friends now?"
Inez happily nodded her head.
"Do you know their names?"
She nodded again.
"Did you ask?"
"Clever Inez, Mommy's very proud of you. So, what are their names?"
"Yan Yan and Honey"
"Wow! Two friends!"
Apparently, they shared a common liking for Madeline, who is very talkative and knows everything.
So when we went to Mom's, we were very excited to inform her that Inez had friends. Amazingly, my mom wasn't surprised. Turns out that my mom had tricked my daughter. She told Inez that the previous night, she had a dream that Inez had two friends: Yan Yan and Honey and gave complete details of how the friendship started and what exactly was said. I was amazed.
"How did you know her friends would be Yan Yan and Honey?"
"I didn't. I only said Yan yan because the name is quite common and Honey, because Honey always calls to Inez, but when Inez goes to her, they both become quiet. They don't know what to say to each other."
And three days ago, school was also great because she'd learnt to tie her shoelaces!

Despite Inez beginning to enjoy school, my Mom and husband (coz they send her to school) have discovered that she is afraid of her teachers. I don't know which one or which ones. Once, my husband called to say that Inez was afraid to touch the teacher's 'little things' because the teacher would chop off her hands. Then, my mom called to say that Inez has left one of her books at home and she was very afraid to enter school. My mom had to talk to the teacher who reassured my daughter that it was okay but she should not repeat the action.

Today, they spent the whole morning trying to locate her Science book which was all the time in the front pocket of her bag.

So, should she be afraid of her teachers? Or is this normal? Inez is still on trial with this school. If this is how it is, should I continue to send her here or change school?


Working Mom said...

Ha .. ha .. ha .. mom told me about the dream mom made up up to Inez, when I told Bani, he said Mom is using old trick again coz he remembered I told him about the junk food incident.

Back to the question of to change or not ot change, it's really hard to say whether to change or not? In my case, I had feedback from two kids. So if both dun want to go, then they must not be fitting in well there. However, I think the best person to ask is Inez. See her reaction. Tell her that she definitely must go to school, so does she want to remain in the current school or go to another school. At least, you've given her options.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
I remember that I was scared AND embarrassed when I forgot a book or a homework when I was in primary school. And so, when I forgot to bring my son's homework (he himself never remembers) to school on a Monday, I guiltily went to apologise to the teacher about MY forgetfulness - hoping that she would spare my son. The strange thing is, in England, they don't care if you forget abt homeworks and books - the teacher just looked at me in surprise and said that it was of no matter at all and he can bring it in tmrw.

The look she gave me made me feel silly for apologising and for meeting her personally...

By the way, my son also took around 6 months to not say 'mummy don't go' everytime I send him to his class. Now he just waves bye bye happily to me when I leave, alhmdllh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, will add you to my links so that i can easily click to read your 'thoughts galore'..hehe..wanted to do so earlier but got confused between working mom and yourself..because you and working mom were talking abt the same people (kids) so I thot you were one and the same..

jujuqtpie said...

Hi, sorry guys, have had an extremely buzy week. Poor daughter of mine asked me, "What day don't you work on Mommy?" I said, "Saturday."
Anyway, just to update you, I have asked Inez. I actually ask Inez every day. Inez seems okay with school now. Apparently, she has another new friend. But she hates that she has homework and because of that she is not keen on going to Mandarin school. With regards to her homework, I dunno if she's supposed to finish her work at school or if all the kids are given homework...but it's certainly difficult to sit through homework with Inez...such a lazy girl...has hardly written anything down and her hand is tired already. Maths is even worse. Suddenly, she has lost all the ability to think. You have to guide her through everything! My husband gets so annoyed with her. However, there are moments when she's okay and can do her homework on her own. I only wish there were more of those moments.
Halwafy, thanks for adding me to your link. Haha we get that sometimes. One's Ju, the other's Ja. Some may think it's a typo error.