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Monday, December 11, 2006

Zul's Family Day(s) and Inez's Birthday

This year we celebrated Inez birthday in Kuala Trengganu. We almost didn't go because my husband had thought of going to KT on his own for his company's Family Day. Only the night before he said that he wanted to bring us along. I went, "Whaaa! I got something on at work. I said okay to it because I didn't expect to take leave. So what's the earliest time you'd like to leave?" My hubby answered, "Noon, but take your time; don't rush."

So I figured if I missed the time, only my hubby would go. There was an preliminary interview session going on the next morning and I was supposed to be one of the panelists for lack of better people. I'm being modest here, lol. It ended at 1 p.m. and so I took a half day leave that day and a full day leave the next day and we left for KT at 3 p.m. Mika slept throughout the journey and Inez slept through the first half of the journey. We had to wake Mika up when we arrived. He sure wasn't happy about it. He was also not dressed for it and he wasn't happy about being changed either.

The dinner started at 8 p.m. We were told we were supposed to go to a Jim Resort and I was wondering what food we would be eating coz I was soooo Goddamn hungry! I told my hubby that the food had better be good but he said he wouldn’t bet on it. It turns out that Jim Resort was a place called Gem Beach Resort about 30 minutes away from KT town near somewhere called Bukit Rakit or Batu Rakit( ?) and it unexpectedly gorgeous. Haha you could tell we didn't have a high expectation of that Jim Resort at all. My hubby said if the price was right we’d stay the night there. One room costs about RM160.00. Okay la.

My hubby was actually standing in for his boss who couldn't make it, and he had to give a speech too. We found the idea of him giving a speech funny, and he was soo totally unprepared for it. He’d thought he’d have some time to prepare before the dinner but just after he sat down, he was called upon to give a speech and officiate the Family Day Dinner. I must say he winged it pretty well, after a rather boring intro. Towards the end, he had the audience's attention and one could see he was getting more comfortable on the stage and he was cracking jokes. Then, it was the award giving ceremony and then makan! Food was not bad, quite tasty. Do remember I was starving. We had ikan masin, some sotong dish, curry fish, fried cabbage, kerabu mangga, ayam goreng rempah, sup ayam or chicken soup which the kids ate with rice and fish crackers, but mostly they drank the soup and ate the keropok. Mika ate watermelon for dessert. Inez? Hmmph, don’t ask.

After dinner, there was lucky draw for the staff, and there ended the Family Day Dinner. It was a very simple affair.

Then we went to our room. It was okay. Not too shabby. And I dunno what fascination my kids have got for hotel rooms but they are just quite contented to be in the room although they was nothing much for them to do. They ransacked the room for hotel paper and pen and found none. In the end, we had to give them whatever scraps of paper we had so that they could draw and write.

The next day, Friday, (Dec 8) was actually Inez’s birthday and she woke up smiling. Mika on the other hand had pee-ed on the bed b’coz it was so cold. I was so upset coz he was sleeping on the wet patch. The reason he gave, “I cover it, Mommy!” I had to consciously stop myself from laughing. Oh I should have used the spare diaper I had brought just in case. I told him I would tell his friend, Luq all about it if he did it again. So far, no more accidents. I guess one should always expect an accident or two.

So, for breakfast, I met my friend and her hubby at the famous shop in KT where a fish head curry was priced at RM45. It was in the papers. We ate the Nasi Dagang there. Okay laa. I still prefer the Kelantanese version. And then we headed back home. We didn’t really spend time in KT or explore KT coz apparently my hubby had to go to work. He’s still new, so he hasn’t got that many leaves.

So that night, I cooked us a dinner of prawn sambal with petai, Thai basil chicken, fishball soup for the kids and one lettuce dish, and prepared some sushi with fried egg and beef and black fungus filling and invited my mom and brother over. And we bought a cake for Inez. Before we could sing the birthday song, she’d blown out the candles and mutilated the cake.

The next night, we celebrated her birthday and our anniversary at a Thai restaurant with my parents, my brother and his two friends. Alas, both my kids were sleeping. I told Inez we’d throw her a party next year, maybe some time in January. And that she’d have to participate in the party games. If not, we will never ever throw her another party in her childhood. I never said I would not throw one for Mika which she can tumpang. So she was very excited about the party and in planning the party games until Sunday, when we went for my husband’s yet another Family Day (the real one) at De Rhu Beach Resort. When the MC called for all children to participate in the Limbo Rock, my children both refused to join in. My hubby joined the adult male category though. Haha He immediately got backache after that. It’s amazing how low they went. I think they stopped at 3 ft. Yg gendut pun boley buat. Some didn’t even realize what they were capable of. They joined in for the fun of it. Amazing!

Anyway, I haven’t made my girl her cupcakes yet. That will have to wait till her party. If you have any excellent cupcake recipes and ideas, feel free to share. I’m all ears. Or should I say eyes? Thank you.


halwafy said...

I don't know why, but everytime I go to KT, I also experienced delicious food there...I suppose it's not just because of the sea air? The food there mmg sedap...

FloweRinTheDesert said...

Happy Birthday to Inez and Anniversary to you! :)

jujuqtpie said...

Thank you for your wishes. And I have got to go KT again. Have got friends there now who have promised me delicious food whenever I visit. Wahahahaha. So far, I have been there twice in recent years (i.e., ever since marriage) and still I have not explored KT at all. Sedihkan?