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Monday, December 18, 2006

Harry Potter vs The Matrix

Last night, aloud, I wondered what the last Harry Potter book would be like. My youngest sis was quick to answer that she thinks he's gonna die. I went, "Oh nooo! Not another Matrix!"

"He died?"

"Didn't he?" I replied. Actually I don't really remember. The whole trilogy is like a vague memory to me and apparently for my sis too. "She didn't die, right?" my sis asked refering to Carrie Anne Moss's character.

"Nope, she died too."

Last night I answered with utmost confidence that she died, and he died and he died because he finally understood what being the chosen one meant. He finally realised that he had to sacrifice himself for the greater good; if not evil will prevail. The ending was like the resurrection of Christ or something, so that the world wouldn't come to an end. And then things sorta went back to normal, or something; and I can't even remember what I had thought of that.

I don't know and at that time, I didn't really care. I had more important things to think about than the philosophy of the Matrix. The same sentiment applies to the present time.

But to follow Harry Potter or Harry Pothead as my hubby would call him, only to see him have the same fate as Neo is kinda crushing. Is he gonna die? Who else is going to die? My sis seems to want Ginny to be a casualty too. I guess we'll just have to wait for the book to be released. Btw, the fifth movie will be released July next year. And that's like a heartbeat away considering how fast time flies these days. I don't know about you but I am not so charmed by Daniel Radcliff's portrayal of Harry Potter. Don't think he can act as well as the actors playing Ron and Hermione. He's kinda stiff. Just like watching Jennifer Garner in Alias or even Keanu Reeves, for that matter. Love Keanu Reeves in Speed though. That's like my all time favourite action movie.
I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie though. The rest are kinda boring and I found myself falling asleep midway. That's very unlike me. So I suppose the movies are for die-hard fans only. The books are of course decidedly better and I guess for me, I watch the movies to get a better idea, for example of what a Quidditch game is like, and so on. So, although, I am not a fan of Harry Potter movies, I still look forward to seeing the book being brought to life.


Working Mom said...

i didn't read the books so i found the movies to be ok except for the fourth one - to me, gobblet of fire was a little dry and abrupt. i guess most books are better than the movie versions... except for lotr, love the movies, all 3 of them, the last is the best. I can't imagine me reading the book. My friend lent me The Hobbit, and I had it for so long, nearly one year, and when i returned the book, i gave him the impression that i've read it. to me, the hobbit had to many weird characters, weird settings that were too much for my unimaginative mind.

well, back to harry potter, i sure hope he doesn't die!

halwafy said...

Yeah, JK Rowling did say there is that chance that he may be 'sacrificed' but all the fans revolted and even some fellow writers (Stephen King included, I think) pleaded her not to do it. I really do hope that doesn't happen.

I love the Potter movies esp the Prisoner of Azkaban and that was the movie that made me want to read the whole series. And the books are really me, at least.

I think Daniel Radcliff is fine. U shld see him give live interviews - completely different personality! I think Rupert Grint (Ron) always have the same expression on his face though...he's the one I don't really like.

As for the Matrix, enjoyed the first and second one but the third one was a bit too complex for my simple brain that only wanted to be entertained when watching movies...
Never did understand why Neo had to die...thought that was a spoiler to good entertainment..:)

FloweRinTheDesert said...

I enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies, and yeah Prisoner of Azkaban thus far is my fav. Haven't got the chance to read any of the books yet though. Maybe I will one of these days...

jujuqtpie said...

Hmm, with more than 1 saying than the Prisoner of Azkaban is good, I should watch the parts my sleep has deprived me of. Maybe I spoke too soon. But yeah, you people, go read the books, start with the first though.

My sis is now hooked on a Septimus Heap; okay laa.

Halwafy, I hope Stephen King was persuasive enough. It should be something unpredictable but with Harry Potter fans coming out happy with the situation.
Yea, the third Matrix was a lot complicated, with a lot of messages behind it. But as you say, we want to watch to be entertained. Which reminds me, if you haven't watched Nacho Libre, do it NOW. It was so funny. Then again, go watch with little expectation, coz my sense of humour is somewhat warped. I remember a movie which I found really funny, not thought to be funny by others. It was Weekend at Bernie's.