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Monday, December 04, 2006

My Little Woman and My Little Man

I am proud to announce that both my kids are OFF disposable diapers day and night! I am very proud of them. No more accidents. I think the last time was more an isolated case because my son was sick 6 days ago. I dun know what came over him, whether it's food poisoning or gas, but he started vomitting until there was nothing to vomit. Before he went to sleep, he asked for milk despite having eaten half a bowl of mac and cheese. At about nearly midnight, he started whimpering in his room. I rushed to see what he wanted. I thought he wanted to use the toilet but before I could do anything or he could say something, he vomitted all over me and himself and the carpet in the room, the floor and some part of the mattress. Out came the milk and some mac and cheese, and some more mac and cheese. Some came out in whole pieces, I was like, "Doesn't he chew?" Oh, soooo stinky. I had to wash the carpet 3 times before I got rid of the smell completely.

I took him to the toilet, stripped him, washed him and put him on my bed. Then 10 minutes later, while I was cleaning myself up, he started crying again. This time he vomitted all over the floor of my room. Out came more mac and cheese and milk. Took him to the toilet again, washed his face, rinsed his mouth.
"Mommy, Mika wants water."
"Okay, Mommy get you water."
Then like after 2 minutes, he vomitted the water. The water looked slightly yellowish. And he was crying in pain. I feel his pain. It's like morning sickness all over again, especially when you haven't got anything else to vomit out. From there on, his vomit became yellowish greenish. I kept giving him water. A medical book said to give juice and dry cracker. It did not keep him from vomitting. But at least he wasn't vomitting green stuff. He was vomitting the juice and cracker. Throughout the night, he did vomit and by morning, there were four wet patches on the bed, vomit in a container and one of the patches was pee coz he didn't have time to inform us and get to the toilet himself coz he was soooo weak already by that time. However, he didn't have diarrhoea. According to the medical book, if he continues to puke after 6 hours, I should take him to the hospital. Basically, after 6 hours he stopped. Actually thank God the book was there, it's Miriam Stoppard's A-Z Medical Book and mine is lost. But my friend has just ordered a copy and we used my address since she's away for work. I remembered her copy was with me and used it. And my husband was on his way back from KB, so it was only me dealing with all this crap.

By 7 a.m., he'd stop vomitting, and I monitored his intake of fluids and his temperature. This time, all the fluid stayed in. I gave him water every half hour. Made him porridge but he didn't want to eat. That night we took him to the clinic because he was warm. There was no fever, however.

After 6 days, my boy still has no appetite. I see him shrinking before my eyes. I give him milk, he says it's yucky, I give him food, he spits it out. There were a few times his appetite seemed to have come back and he was eating quite well, like 10 fishballs 2 days ago and some nuggets yesterday and fries 2 nights ago but they're not enough and they're the only stuff he'd eat. It's better than nothing I say. According to the doctor last night, if he doesn't improve, we'll have to get him hospitalised. I hope it won't get that far and that today is a better day for him.

On the bright side, nobody's wearing diapers anymore coz they've grown. They're now my little woman and my little man.


halwafy said...

Hope your son's feeling better. I hope you gave him ORS...takut dehydrated kan..:(

1 question: Mika tu ask for susu tak during the night? Or does he sleep through sampai pagi?

jujuqtpie said...

2 days ago, he started asking for mac and cheese again. Finally! Coz some days back, he didn't want anything. Not even that. Even though he's yet to eat mac and cheese, he's eaten rice and bread and satay. His appetite is back. Thank God, but he's so kurus at the moment. Mata jer besar.
Yeah, he still asks for milk, even Inez. It depends, sometimes in the middle of the night, he'll ask for milk. And sometimes, it's subuh time. After milk, they are up and about. If it's middle of the night, the kids will actually sleep in longer. You gotta wake them up. Anak you camner?

FloweRinTheDesert said...

Hi ju, I think your son was suffering from gastric flu. Could be caused by food poisoning, silap makan ke apa. My girls pernah kene dua2x sekali. Projectile vomiting which just occurs without warning. It was horrible! We found out the reason behind was becos the x maid from hell did not wash the girls' milk bottles properly. And even the flusk of hot water berkulat inside, you know like dust berkumpul bawah katil.

One thing not to give kids when they hv gastric flu is dairy stuff be it milk or eggs. It will only make it worse.

Hope Mika is feeling better by now. Halwafy's right, try giving him the ORS to keep him well hydrated. vomitting can cause kids to dehydrate real fast.

Take good care!

jujuqtpie said...

Actually, there was no definitive diagnosis. I guess gastric flu sounds right too if it could also be caused by food poisoning, namely my mac n cheese. sob sob But I hope it wasn't. I am sure I am not like the xmfh who was so dirty that she caused the gastric flu.
Oh Flowerin, Alhamdulillah, Mika is fine already and my mom was telling me that he so very nearly finished a litre of Fernleaf Chocolate Milk today. He kept asking for more, macam Oliver Twist plak.