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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shopping List

Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from my mom, picked it up to hear Inez’s voice, “Hello Mommy!”
“Yes, hello Inez.”
“Mommy! Nana says we are out of milk powder. Also Inez want nugget and meatball.”
In the background I could hear my mom asking Mika what he wanted from the shop.
Mika’s immediate response was, “CAR! MIKA WANTS CAR!”
“Not car! Food! What food did you say you wanted Mommy to get?”
“Mika wants mee.”Lately Mika has taken a liking to those longevity noodles cooked in oyster and soy sauce with chicken meatballs. Inez too but biasalaa, Mika will eat more of it.

Honestly, this is much cheaper than going out with either one or both of them. Usually Mika and I will go window shopping if I don't have anything to do on Saturdays while Inez goes for her art classes. Mika will go, "Mika is thirsty! Can Mika have chocolate milk, Mommy? Please..." Those were the days when a box of chocolate costs 80 sen. Now one costs RM1.60. Crazy! Then he's hungry, then he'll ask for Mexico buns, or Happy Meals. Then when we pass by a toy shop, he'll go, "Can Mika look at Mika's things?" Oh joy! But I allowed it lah. Thankfully, he didn't mind when I told him that we couldn't afford any of the racing cars or helicopters there. :)

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