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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Second Opinion

On Tuesday last week, finally had time to go for a second opinion. I was actually the last visitor. Clinic closes at 6 p.m. I arrived at a quarter to. Had decided to wait at least a few days just in case there might be something wrong with the pregnancy. I mean if there's no change in the baby's size, then it's confirmed that the first doctor was right. Let me first say that I have never been to this doctor before, but he's recommended by the specialist I take my kids to. Apparently, all this while, there's an Obgyn specialist right next door and I never realised. I kid you not, that's how astute my powers of observation are. :) It just so happened that Inez had the beginnings of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) the day before and had a bad rash and case of itchiness, more frequent trips to the toilet and as the night wore on, she even cried that peeing was painful. So, the next day, Tuesday, I went in a little late to take her to the doctor's who opens at 8:30 a.m. I did wonder if it could be some insect's bite but the doctor said that the redness would be on one side rather than on both. He stated two possibilities which were either a bacterial infection or a fungal infection. To recognise a fungal infection, there usually are tiny white spots and since he couldn't see any, he thinks it's the first. With some difficulty we finally managed to get Inez to pee in a plastic bottle for a urine test. The test results would come back in the evening and thankfully, it was negative. The white blood count in the urine is less than 10, so it hasn't gotten into her system yet. Thank God! Anyway, after the doctor has settled Inez, I voiced my worries about the hormone pills to him, and he suggested I go next door. But ordinarily, he said, doctors don't usually prescribe hormone pills as they can function as oral contraception. Since Inez was kinda late for F. Ain class, I decided to go next door in the evening. I got my mom to accompany me since my hubby had to work late. At first, I thought of not telling the doctor yet that this was actually my second trip to the doctor's. I wanted to see what he had to say. But Mom, being a mom, went directly to the heart of the matter and told all. The obgyn said that there's no indicator why I should be given hormone pills as I was not bleeding or spotting and I had not had a miscarriage before. And when he did a scan, guess what? The baby isn't undersized at all. And I found a magazine all about pregnancy that says that the size of 7 week old baby is about 1.8 cm. If only I found that magazine sooner. Then I would have known that the doctor didn't really know what he was talking about coz the first scan already showed 19mm.

Anyway, it had a heart already too! It's just soooo amazing to see the tiny heart beating. I was so relieved that there was nothing wrong with my pregnancy and somewhat angry with the first doctor for making me go through all that worry for nothing! So the dates coincide now and I'm due early October.

And the best part is the specialist charged cheaper by RM2! And I got free samples of Anmum and Enfamama too. Though I have to say, Anmum tastes better, especially the chocolate flavoured one. When I was pregnant with Inez and Mika, I used to put a spoonful of honey to help the milk go down better.

Anyway, thanks to the second opinion, I was able to celebrate the CNY with a peace of mind. But that's another story for another day. CNY was kinda tiring though I didn't do much. I guess I wasn't cut out for it and was napping everywhere I went. Hahaha. Shops were on sale and I had no interest to shop. All I wanted was to lie down and rest. That's what I wanna do now. LOL


halwafy said...

Glad you had that sorted out..:)

jujuqtpie said...

Thanks! It was a great relief to know that baby was 7 weeks old and 7 weeks size and that it has a heart and everything and it coincided with my calculations. Dun remember any activity if the baby's 5 weeks. Hahaha. That was why I was so worried. Can you imagine how happy I was coming out of that clinic! Buat naya betol laa that first doctor!

halwafy said...

U husband said I was given those pills after I had some spotting during my first pregnancy..but I seriously do think that I was given because I had no signs whatsoever...I dont know.

But remember, always go for a second opinion if you're unhappy..doctors are human after all..they make mistakes..:)

jujuqtpie said...

Really? Your husband remembered that? God is really great. If we remember all the pain and discomfort we went through giving birth, no woman would ever want any more kids. :)

I guess I am inclined to agree with your husband because after asking a number of doctors, hormone pills are usually prescribed when there is spotting or bleeding or when one has had miscarriage before.

Maybe you are both right though. Who knows the pills might induce morning sickness too, since you didn't have any signs. Jealousnye. I got a friend whose husband went through all the morning sickness she was supposed to go through. She didn't feel a thing. Sabar jer laa.

FloweRinTheDesert said...

hi juju, Happy CNY to you too! Glad to know that your little 'nightmare' is over and baby is growing just fine. :) Halwafy's right, if you're not comfortable with the opinion of one doctor, always follow your instinct and seek a second opinion. I went to 6 different doctors when I was pregnant with Jazz. ;) Mcm2x perangai doctors nih.

I've also heard about some wives whose husbands had to endure all the effects of pregnancy. They sure are lucky! I went thru bouts of really horrible nausea and vomiting for both my pregnancies. It's horrid! I hated my first trimesters, cept for the weight I lost easily. he he

Btw hope Inez recovers soon. Sian dia. Ask her to drink lots of plain water. Girls are usually prone to urine infection. Drinking lots helps.

jujuqtpie said...

It's marking time at the office and I'm behind. Won't be posting anything new till I catch up on work. Nice to know I'm not the only paranoid 1, LOL. 6 doctors huh? those doctors must have really freaked you out.
ooh, jealousnyer, how do you do it? lose weight easily after giving birth? Imagine, the hubby is the one getting fat while the wife gets pregnant! That's as good as the guy getting the morning sickness! haha nie dah merapu nie.
As for Inez, she's okay now. the itch stopped and the antibiotics worked its magic. And now that she's fine, it's difficult to get her to drink plain water again. :)

FloweRinTheDesert said...

u misunderstood my stmt dear. I meant the weight I lost during that third trimester from all that vomiting lah! ;)