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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

School Stories Again

Yesterday, I found out that I was misinformed by Mika. Apparently I had put too much faith in what Mikael said. I found out that the kids’ kindy doesn’t combine classes when they have computer lessons because although Mika has had his turn at the computer, Inez had yet to have hers. So on the way to school, Inez was saying how she hadn’t been for computer lessons and accused school of “cheating” her of her money. Wah wah wah! My mom was tickled that my daughter could accuse school of cheating her money. It turned out that school didn’t cheat her money after all as yesterday was Inez’s first computer class. She showed me her workbook and solemnly informed me that though there were many pretty stickers in the book, she could only peel them off upon their teacher’s instructions. Mom worked out that Inez’s computer lessons would be on Tuesdays, and Mika’s would be on Wednesdays.

My mom also had some time to enquire about Mika. The Malay teacher volunteered information that Mika is usually the last to finish his classwork although he holds his pencil very well. Apparently, Mika is playful.

Last month, I got Inez’s Art Class teacher to give Mika a tryout. When I came to collect my kids, the teacher was slowly shaking her head. She said Mika is bad at following directions and he daydreams a lot. Hmmm.

Mom noticed how Mika said his goodbyes yesterday. He called out to Jungle Boy whose name is actually Daniel, “Bye bye Gang Gang!” (same pronunciation as Gung ho) and Daniel called back to him, “Bye bye Gang Gang!” Oh dear! I wonder if Daniel brings that word home and experiments with it with his own family. What must his family be thinking? What on earth does Gang Gang mean?
Seriously, don’t look at me. I don’t have the answer either though I have been trying to get its meaning for ages. I know that it can sometimes mean ‘Eat’. But that’s all.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

hahaha i still find the Gang Gang funny la. Mika is so cute. If ever we meet one day, I'm going to ask Airis to dig it out of him, the meaning of Gang Gang. ;)

jujuqtpie said...

You can try, and if you can get the secret meaning of that word, I belanja Canadian Pizza! I so want to eat Canadian Pizza now. so very much. I think it's the baby. LOL