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Monday, February 05, 2007

No angry Mommies and Daddies allowed

This recent weekend, I was so woozy, I spent my time sleeping a lot, and my hubby let me sleep and did the vacuuming one time, two times, three times until he got so tired of vacuuming coz Mika kept dropping biscuit, then cake crumbs everywhere. When I was better, I vacuumed too coz hubby hated the vacuum on sight now and Mika was only allowed to eat under parental supervision. And because he did the vacuuming and cleaning, the children were allowed to mess up only their room. Should a toy end up anywhere outside their room, the toy would need tobe cleared up immediately; and Mika again, would be the usual culprit. Inez on the other hand would turn the channel the moment her father's back was turned despite already misused her TV time. She left her channel running and did God knows what but couldn't stand for the TV to be on other than Playhouse Disney.
So by nightfall, her father was very strict. And I, though quite sympathetic, had to reinforce whatever my hubby's decision was. You know, united front and all that provided that it's deserving and justified.
Then Inez came out with a drawing with a stick man and a stick woman with a huge X on each. She was quick to clarify that it meant NO ANGRY MOMMIES AND DADDIES ALLOWED!
Cute huh? That cooled her daddy down a little and she was allowed to watch her show again after her daddy had watched his show until finish.


salinah said...

Hi ju, I tried to log in and see if tis work. Shall comment more later. No angry mom n daddy huh for Inez...may shd ask Erin to draw something about me n my hubby...

FloweRinTheDesert said...

haha u shld take a pic of the doodle. ;)

Reminded me of the ones Airis made a coupla years back on all four walls surrounding our dining area, a mouth with a big X beside it, which supposed to mean "No Screaming and Shouting Allowed Here!". :)

jujuqtpie said...

Children are really smart and they absorb stuff you didn't even thought they would but they do!