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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Follow Up on Hormone Pills *Updated*

According to my sis, who spoke to her lecturer. That doctor had no business prescribing hormone pills because I wasn't spotting or bleeding. She asked me to call the guy up and yell at him, "Are you trying to kill my baby?"

Even if the baby is undersized, it's better to let that baby be as long as it's growing and healthy, which btw, we don't know yet until next week. I don't know. For other people's sake, I hope this is an isolated case. I really dunno if the doctor knows something I don't. Maybe he saw something in the scan, or maybe he's just plain incompetent. I don't know; all I know is that if he did, he should have said something and since I wasn't too impressed by him, I am going for a second opinion and see from there if I do have to continue with Turinal, that's the name of the pills, btw.

Still praying for the best.....


Mae said...

Oh dear, I understand what you are going thru. When I first met my gynae and discovered I was pregnant, she told me not to get too excited until the 3rd month as anything could happen. No explanation given. I suppose most gynaes have golden mouths, they just rather not give you too much info unless it is absolutely necessary.

jaylina said...

Hi ju,
Apasal ler yg u pening sangat ni.. u know how i went thru my pregnancy so juzzzzz let the baby grow!. Everything will be juz fine.

jujuqtpie said...

Teruk laa your gynae Mae. Dun have to say that, right or not? The advice to all pregnant mommies is to good take care of self, eat well, little but constantly and don't lift heavy stuff.

Actually, anything could happen at anytime, not just the first three months. I guess we have to learn from what we hear and be alert and careful at all times not to endanger ourselves and our pregnancy.

Aiyo jay, of course laa pening. You know me, I am a worrywort. Anything happened, always asked you to check with doctor to reconfirm. I am not an expert, but it didn't feel right that i was eating the hormone pills and I was really worried because the baby should be about 7 weeks. If the baby was undersized, then there's something really wrong with my pregnancy. Turns out the guy got his info all wrong. 19mm is not the size of a 5 week old baby! Even 6 week old is 13mm. And gave me hormone pills some more from his diagnosis. Nasib baik worried. Thank God second opinion gynae was a better doctor. :)