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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Discovery

I know I am going backwards, but it's okay, right?
I actually found out that I was pregnant at the end of January.
And it was actually the third test since I missed my period. All because I felt different. Some parts of me felt tender and swollen and sometimes there was this miraculous feeling that like there’s life growing in my womb.
Just the day before, when I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, by the time I got to work, I was shivering. Although my skirt wasn’t tight, I felt like getting it off me.

Two lines! Omigod, I am pregnant! In a way, I am happy about it. Broke news to Zul. Made sure he was fully awake when I broke the news to him. Didn’t want him to think that he dreamt it all. Zul smiled. He seemed pleased with the news. Oh, apparently, he thinks he’s figured out when the baby was conceived. LOL Crazy man!

Called for a family meeting. Kids were watching TV already at 6:50 a.m. Interrupted their TV with the breaking news. Inez! Mika! Mummy want to tell you that Mummy’s got a baby in here. Mummy can’t carry you anymore and you can’t sit on Mummy’s tummy anymore. From my hubby’s tummy, Mika said, “That’s okay, Mummy. Daddy’s strong.”
“Mm, so understanding,” I thought.
“So Inez do you want a baby girl or baby boy?”
“Inez wants a baby girl.”
And Mika?
Mika wants a boy.
But what if this is a boy Inez. Is it okay?
Inez nodded.
And what if it’s a girl Mika, are you going to be okay? Will you be a good big brother and teach her how to play ball?
Good, coz we don’t know yet whether it’ll be a boy or girl.
“We’re gonna have to save money, coz it’s going to be expensive getting a new baby.
“Mommy, we have a piggy bank. How about we give that money for Baby?”
That was so thoughtful of my kids.
Then called my mom who went, "Well, if not now, you’d be too old by then. Now’s the best age." That’s true, not that I like to be reminded of age catching up.
Then informed my youngest sis and WM. Told my officemates. Didn’t want to jinx this pregnancy, so am hoping for the best.
I always wish that my kandungan will be great khalifah on earth.


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