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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Am I Weird?
The rule of this tagging game is this:People who are tagged should write a blog post of six weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

When I first looked at what I was supposed to blog about – my weirdness, the first thought was, “I’m not weird! I’m very normal.” Then, I began questioning myself if I was weird. After much thought, I figured that at this moment, I am considered a lil’ weird, especially by my office roomie, coz I can’t stand having the aircond on. I have resorted to wearing a T-shirt underneath whatever I have on, and still I feel cold. Sometimes, I wear a jacket over what I already have on, and still I feel cold. Poor girl has to tolerate having no air conditioning when I am around. Then, one weirdness after another comes to mind. Hahaha, I guess I am quite weird after all.
So, am I weird? I guess I have revised my answer to “Yes, I AM weird.” Here are the reasons why:

No. 1: Ever since the 6th week of my pregnancy, I have been feeling cold, shivering cold, especially at home though nowadays, at home, I’m okay. It’s at the office that I’m cold nowadays, and I get very bad headaches, like there’s a timebomb ticking in my head. Every time people who come into my office say it’s roasting hot in the office, I beg to differ. So yeah, at the moment, people at the office think I’m awfully weird.
Psst: I have a confession though, even before my pregnancy, I could live without the air-cond on, but I don’t mind if it’s turned on. Nowadays, I can’t have it on at all.

No.2: I can’t swallow capsules and pills. I remember when I was young, my dad tried to get me to eat my medicine the adult way, and when I couldn’t after some attempts, he asked me to put the pill in a banana. I must have refused coz I remember my dad chasing me round the dining table with the banana in one hand and the ubat in the other. I don’t remember eating it with the banana, so I guess I must have tired him out. Anyway, now I have this capability to withstand the bitter taste of Panadol, and many pills like it. If I have to take capsules, I’d empty them out onto a spoon. Actually I have successfully swallowed pills and capsules by accident at one time or another, but after that, I always feel like vomitting coz I can feel the medicine stuck in my throat. So, in order to not feel that, I always bite on the pills until they’re really tiny before I swallow them. I have a tip though, for anyone out there like me, do swallow your chewed up tablet with cold lemonade or the like because the medication doesn’t melt as easily as it would in a hot drink and you’d have to taste more of the medicine, which is not really that pleasant.

No.3: I like songs by Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, and John Denver especially Annie’s Song. Even when I tell people I listen to Josh Groban, they’ll go, “Why?” Hahaha, people say I’ve got a weird taste in music but I think I’m eclectic. Is that another word for weird? But really, my parents’ taste in music influenced us a lot. I say ‘us’ coz it’s not just me, even my siblings. We listen to the Beatles, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Johnny Tillotson, The Stylistics, The Beach Boys, Helen Reddy, Boney M, Andy Williams, I can go on. At the same time, we are also very contemporary. So I guess yeah, music wise, some people would say I am weird.

No. 4: Hmm…3 more to go. Suddenly, I have ceased to be weird coz I can’t think of anything else. Okay, is this weird? People look at me and think I am an extrovert. But to be honest, I am really quite shy. My face though, I suppose, is approachable, so people, I guess, find it easy to talk to me. So usually, when I travel on buses, some people do tell me their life stories and problems. Maybe it’s because we are strangers and aren’t most likely to meet again, I dunno.
No. 5: Some time back, I noticed my daughter telling stories she’d made up herself with rather morbid endings. For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine why her stories were dark and morbid, until one day, I somehow heard myself talking to her. E.g.: When she wouldn’t sit down in the car, I told her that if I would so happen to brake in emergency, she would fly out of the car through the windscreen, and the car would run over her and I’d lose my baby girl. That was the worst case scenario, and if by some miracle, she survived, and was injured, I asked her if she could imagine what her life would be if she was blind or crippled, etc. That is why she needs to sit down with her back pressed against the back of the seat and wear her safety belt so that she could be safe as Dora and Boots would say. Am I a weirdo mommy?

No. 6: Last but not least, I am this close to giving up here coz I can’t think of anything else already. I don’t think I am weird but I’ve done some weird things coz sometimes I do things without thinking. It’s a flaw; and it’s one that I try to curb. The last time I did something stupid was a long time ago, and at that time, Inez was but a mere babe. We went out for dinner with my parents and siblings at this Merdeka Station, like some open air food court. I remember we sat next to a table where two guys who’d just finished their meal started to smoke. I never liked the smell of cigarette smoke and was pushing the smoke away with my hands. As if the two dungus understand laa! I was so irritated by the fact that they were smoking in the presence of family and children.So when I picked up this tiny piece of ice chip on the table and without thinking, threw it at the nearby table, I didn’t expect to hit a target but it did.
The two guys looked at our table; and my hubby who knew no head and no tail looked back at them. I don’t remember if words were exchanged but I remember my hubby asking me if I did anything to them. I said, “Yep, I threw a tiny and insignificant piece of ice, and I think it hit one of them enough for him to feel the cold of the ice.” My hubby said, “If you’re gonna do something like that, tell me first so I can defend you.” Aah, my hero laa konon. I said, “I didn’t plan it, it was spur of the moment.” I am not proud of it but I guess annoyance got the better of me. I really can’t stand cigarette smoke and if people really need to smoke, the government should prepare a room free of ventilation so that smokers can smoke themselves and exhale and inhale their own smoke. Good idea or not?

That’s it. I dunno if there are 6 people I know that haven’t been tagged. Can I have volunteers? It’s not that hard but it involves some serious soul searching.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

i can relate to no. 3 cos I too have a diversified taste in music. I can listen to anything and everything as long as they are pleasant and acceptable to my ears. And that ranges from oldies to contemporary types of music. :)

LOL to no. 6. You actually DID that?! Berani nye! :D

jaylina said...

Haha ju,

If no.1 is weird then I'm as weird as u r...come to thk of it...ya la pple do find us weird for not having the aircond on dulu.
U r weird that u chew ur pills. I prefer to swallow though.
And bcoz u r introvert la I share a lot of my personal stuff wt u...

halwafy said...

My hubby Mr S also used to find it very difficult to swallow pills, unlike me who can swallow 5-6 at one go! (this vit, that vit, ubat itu, ubat ini - ni masa kat msia la..)

But after I made fun of his 'choking' sound and I taught him how to do it 'properly' i.e. (thn nafas and swallow la!!), nowadays dah eksyen pulak sbb boleh swallow loads of pills at one go :)

Caution from this blogger: Pills are really not good for you and you should really get your vitamins the natural way i.e. via the food you eat...