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Monday, March 19, 2007

Just to say....

This is especially dedicated to all who are concerned that I haven't been blogging (though I might be kidding myself here), this post just wants to say...

1) HI!

2) I miss blogging (so many things to write about) but I am so busy.

3) I just got back from a week long theatre workshop in Sunway University College (which was so totally cool, and we performed by the way) and was cut off from internet civilisation during that time.

4) I am okay (though I have totally lost my appetite for all food even Sushi, and chicken and prawns, nearly everything, and have turned occassional vegetarian coz strangely enough, I can eat burgers, and so far I've only vomitted 3 times due to food, but have got some rashes here and there which is normal for me coz my 1st and 2nd pregnancy were like that too, and tiny spots on the face, feel so un-pretty), and baby seems fine too.

5) I will do the TAG thing soon, I promise, Halwafy.

6) My hubby's in a cast, or rather his elbow is, coz he fractured it. That's FYI, Rin.

7) I want to thank everyone who congratulated me on my pregnancy and whoever who commented in the blog, and I haven't had the time to reply. Sorry.

Will blog soon once I am less busy, which is soon, I hope.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

juju! ur alive & (baby's) kickin'! :) thks for the email. hope we can finally meet. heh..nnt i send the online invite. Tryin' to figure out why the invite cant be viewed after it's sent.

ayo ur hubby in a cast. seems after my hubby patah his hand and dislocated his fingers, everyone we know ada je history with futsal!

halwafy said...

Don't worry about the tag thing..whenever you're ready..:)