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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Birthdays! (Part II)

Mikael's birthday was on the 20th of October. Last year, I ordered a Dora cake for him. This year, I thought of making him a cake with the help of my friend Mona (though she's a bit out of practice, due to not baking for a long time.) Because, the 20th was a Friday, we had to celebrate his birthday the next day. So the next morning, we got together and made a bumble bee cake for Inez and one fire engine cake for Mika (Mona had already baked a vanilla butter cake and a chocolate cake the night before to save time). He was so excited that he'd be getting a fire-engine cake. After 2 hours of hard work, I took both cakes home. We would celebrate his birthday at iftar (when we broke fast). It was still fasting month then. But guess what happened? I had put the cakes in my boot and unthinkingly, I took the cakes out of the boot and stacked them at the back of my car, you know, not on the seats, but at the top. I dunno what I was thinking and I closed my boot, I forgot that the boot door slopes down and as I pull it down, it pressed down on my cakes and sorta penyek-ed or squashed the top of the cakes and most of the icing. I felt so bad the rest of the day. Luckily, everyone took it well, even Mika, I told him the cake looked like that coz it was involved in an accident, which it was. He was so cool about it, almost excited actually to imagine his birthday cake being involved in an accident. hahaha I think I imagined that last part but seriously, he was really cool about it. I don't think I'm over my guilt. I phoned my friend up and she thought I was involved in an accident. I said, "Noooooo, the caaaaakes." She was like, "Never mind the cakes, how are you?" I said, "I'm fine but the cakes look totally mutated!" Poor woman couldn't really register what I was saying cause I was talking in a rather shrill distraught voice, which was the state I was in. She said, "Talk properly, were you or were you not in an accident?" I said, "I can't talk properly. I was not in an accident but I had an accident with the cakes, they're all penyek-ed! Aaaaaaaaarrhhhh!" She was so relieved that I wasn't involved in an accident that the cakes didn't matter. So, that's why I didn't take any photos of the cakes. They were a wreck! and it's all my fault. I shall remember this day for the rest of my life and hopefully don't repeat that dumb*** mistake for the rest of my life!


Anonymous said...

KESIANNYA YOU.....!! But I must say your lady friend was pretty decent about the cakes..if I were her, I would pretty much be hysterical about them...after 2 hours of helping you with them that is..he he he..

Awww...I really would have loved to see both cakes...but really..kesian you...I know how it feels after labouring after 2 cakes: the penat, the time you make some nice cakes, I hope you manage to put the pics in the blog, before anymore 'accidents' ;)

jujuqtpie said...

Yes, Mona was really decent about it. Then again, you should have heard me over the phone, I sounded like a mad crazy hysterical woman! I couldn't talk normally for half the afternoon after the incident from the moment it happened till after I talked to my mom.
I had to scrape the icing off the box and tinker2 with the top of cakes in a futile effort to repair them. Well, Inez's birthday is coming. Hopefully I can make it up to them both next month.