My "Too Cute"s

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Run! Run! Run to the SALE!

This morning, with my dad in KL, I was the designated chauffeur. So since I was sending Mika to school, I left with Mika 15 minutes before school started. Inez, unfortunately had to forego her Agama school 'cause I'd have to be on leave to be a full time chauffeur.

So there I was, leaving a bit later than usual; and there was Inez, not rushing to get ready for school and there was Hana, ever ready to play. I saw Inez giving Hana a small paper bag and some pieces of scrap paper. I heard her say,"Here's some money Hana. Run! Run! Run to the sale! and my crazy little one ran to the front door like her pants were on fire. It was hilarious!

Omigod! Do I have shopaholics in the making?


floweRinthedesert said...

ha ha ha ni mesti tgk iklan sale dlm tv where all the people were running like crazy towards a shop becos of a sale that was on. Cant remember iklan apa though. :)

so cute..!

jujuqtpie said...

hehe really dunno where inez got it but the other day when the kids were at the zoo, hana wasn't that interested when she saw the lions and tigers. She got a lil bit excited looking at the birds and snakes. But, now i know where her heart shopping! Definitely mom's little girl.