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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Learning FUNdamentals is a cool book!

Last month, I went to Popular to hunt down some activity books for Inez and Mika. Mika especially loves mazes and every now and again tirelessly dogs me to draw him custom mazes with specific specifications, such as, "Draw me 3 firetrucks, Mummy" or "Can we have 5 monkeys?" or "4 houses on fire". It's not that easy to draw mazes, so I'd really rather spend some money than draw my own.
While I was there, I came across the book Learning FUNdamentals; and it's just great! I have to admit that I'm really not the type who keeps their children's drawings or artwork. I try but sometimes I just throw them away. I opened the book at a random page and the first article I saw was called 'Photographing Artwork' under the Self Esteem heading. This can be done when the fridge or wall becomes too crowded and there's no more space to put up new artwork. Should this happen, just photograph your child in front of the fridge or wall that's displaying all the artwork. The picture should then go to the child's own portfolio or The Book of Me. This will record the child's artistic progress. So for me, the advice was really impressive. The next page shows an article called Quiz Time, a game to play to keep children preoccupied. Some questions are Name 3 things that fall from the sky, Name three ways to travel. In the car, normally we'd play Eye-Spy but this was quite interesting too coz the answers are always unusual.
I asked Mika: Name 3 things that fall from the sky.
I was so totally expecting the answer rain and stuff but no, the answer was bird ("Bird?" i said, and he said, "yeah if people shot a bullet in the wings") and crashing airplanes and a helicopter that's broken. Totally unexpected!
I bought the book and it's well worth RM35.

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