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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nearly a year old....

I can't believe just how fast time flies. Next month Hana will be 1 year old. She barely looks her age. She's so tiny but people tell me as long as she's healthy, it's okay. That's the thing. She hasn't been healthy. My kids have been passing each other the flu bug, the cough bug, the fever bug, and what have you, it's crazy! We've been to the doctor's almost every week. Thank God, not this week. Finally, the kids are getting better and Hana was put on some appetite booster which works only when she takes it. Duh, of course! She's also on Appeton for infants. She went from 6.2kg to 6 kg to 5.8kg when she was sick. At that time Nuha, who's also staying with us was a whopping 8.5 kg. The last time we checked she's back to 6.2 kg. That was last week. Nuha also went up - to 9 kg. A friend told me to get one of the Enfa milk and she seems to like it. Sigh, what expensive taste my baby has. :)
Anyway, here's a pix of the two girls taken when we went out shopping yesterday. Hana doesn't look that tiny here though. She's just lighter.

Don't they just look adorable? They've just got up from a very short nap!

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floweRinthedesert said...

Yes they are both absolutely adorable indeed! :)

Btw I have same problem with the second child. Jazz is underweight at 14kg for a 4yo. But she's above average in terms of height for her age. She's active and healthy, so I guess I have nothing to worry about really.